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Corner House
4th Floor, 20 Parliament Street

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P.O. Box HM 101
Hamilton HM AX

Telephone: 441.292.4595
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The Bermuda Government established the Department of Energy to take the lead in meeting both the challenges of Bermuda's own need for energy and our responsibility to set an example for the rest of the world.

The Department of Energy's strategic Goals are to:



PATI (Public Access to Information) Information Statement

According to section 5 (3) of the Public Access to Information Act 2010, every public authority shall cause its information statement to be made available for inspection at its principal office, the Bermuda National Library, the Bermuda Archives and make copies available electronically or on any website of the public authority.

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     2015 Bermuda Electricity Policy Consultation

The Department of Energy is in the process of formulating a new Electricity Policy for Bermuda. As part of this process the Department has begun consultations with stakeholder groups and the general public and is pleased at this time to offer the Bermuda Electricity Policy Consultation Document for comment. Respondents have until end of business day March 20th 2015 to provide their comments either by email to or by hand to the Department of Energy, 4th Floor Corner House, 20 Parliament Street, Hamilton. The Bermuda Electricity Policy Consultation Document can be downloaded here.

  2011 Bermuda Energy White Paper: A National Energy Transition 

The Bermuda Government is pleased to announce the release of Bermuda's first national energy policy, the 2011 Bermuda Energy White Paper: A National Energy Transition. The purpose of this is white paper is to provide a 9 year plan of how the Government will reduce fossil fuel dependency, establish greater energy security and reduce greenhouse-gas emissions below 10 metric tonnes CO2 equivalent per capita by 2020. Everyone in our community has a role to play in realising the goals outlined in the white paper, and we invite you to download your copy here.

  Find out how to reduce your energy bills  

The Department of Energy has just produced a new range of energy efficiency fact sheets, which contain straightforward advice on the best ways to reduce your expenditure on energy and reduce your reliance on polluting fossil-fuels that contribute toward climate change. Whether you are buying a new air conditioner or interested in how to best operate your vehicle , make sure you view the relevant fact sheet on the energy efficiency page of this website.

  Thinking about Renewable Energy for your property? 

Renewable energy systems can stabilise your energy costs and reduce your reliance on electricity generated from polluting fossil-fuels that contribute toward climate change. The Department of Energy has just released a new set of renewable energy guides, which should answer many of the questions you may have regarding renewable energy for your property. These guides can be found on the renewable energy page of this website.

  Public Opinion Survey on Energy 

A public opinion survey on energy was commissioned by the Department of Energy in March 2010 to inform policy development and ensure the public’s voice is heard as the Government works towards a more sustainable energy future for Bermuda. To assist students, researchers, businesses and anyone else with an interest in the energy sector in Bermuda the full survey report may be downloaded here.

  Customs Duty Reductions

The import duty rates of various energy efficient and renewable energy products have been reduced to encourage their adoption in Bermuda. Click here to view the list.

     Energy Act 2009

The Energy Act 2009 was created to provide a basic framework for the regulation of energy in Bermuda by transferring authority for the regulation of electricity pricing from the Price Commission to the Energy Commission and providing the Minister responsible for the Department of Energy with authority over the licencing of the production and sale of specified energy commodities. The Energy Act 2009 may be downloaded here.

     Bermuda Energy Green Paper 2009

The Energy Green Paper was one of the Department of Energy's first steps in developing Bermuda's National Energy Policy. You can download it here.