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  1. What are The Department for National Drug Control's (DNDC) hours of operation?

  2. Where is the Department located?

  3. What services are offered by DNDC?

  4. Who do I contact for drug prevention materials and/or presentations?

  5. How do I get into drug treatment and rehabilitation?

  6. What is DNDC's mailing address?

  7. What Ministry does DNDC fall under?

  8. Who is the Minister?

  9. Who is the Head/Director of the DNDC?

  10. Who is the Permanent Secretary?

  11. What is your Department's mandate?

  12. What is DNDC'S mission statement?

  13. Who are DNDC's key Stakeholders/ Partners?

  14. How can Community members play a role in drug control efforts?

  15. How can I get involved in counseling for addiction?

  16. How can I get experience in working in addiction treatment?

  17. Where can I find assistance with Drug- Free Workplace Policies?

Department for National Drug Control (DNDC)
Suite 304 | Melbourne House | 11 Parliament St. | Hamilton | HM 12 | Bermuda
Mailing: P.O. Box 480 | HM CX | Bermuda
Telephone: 1 (441) 292-3049 | Fax: 1 (441) 295-2066 | E-mail: