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The master-plan approach has proven useful in defining common strategies and goals, in promoting a common understanding of the drug issue, and in fostering cooperation at the national and international levels.

The main goals of the Plan are to reduce current harms caused by licit and illicit drugs and prevent future problems. This encompasses a wide scope of actions including demand reduction, supply reduction, and harm reduction initiatives, supported by a comprehensive legislative framework.

The overall aim is to reduce the harm that drugs have on society (communities, individuals and their families). Primarily, the response to the drug problem is to comprehensively focus on approaches that address prevention, treatment, research, legislative and institutional frameworks, law enforcement and interdiction, protection of the borders, drug supply reduction, international cooperation, and evaluation.

The principal objective of the national drug control strategy, therefore, is to keep Bermuda safe from the increasing threats posed by illegal drugs and alcohol.

Goals of the National Drug Control Master Plan

  1. Strengthen and sustain national level mechanisms to coordinate, manage and evaluate the implementation of the national initiatives for drug control.
  2. Prevent young people from becoming substance users/abusers of alcohol tobacco and other drugs.
  3. Decrease alcohol and other drug problems in at-risk groups.
  4. Minimize the health and social impact of drug dependency on the affected society through the provision of treatment and rehabilitation services that is of high quality, accessible and affordable.
  5. Reduce the availability of illicit drugs, and reduce the increasing threats of drug trafficking and drug-related crime.
  6. Ensure a strong and comprehensive legislative and institutional framework for implementation of the national strategies.

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