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TCD Personalized Plates  
Please list in order of preference:

What you would like to put on the plate? What does it stand for or mean?
Applicants will receive a set of Personalised License Plates about 15 working days after they have been ordered. If your choices are not available, you will be contacted immediately.

The prescribed license plate production fee of $40.17, payable when your plates are ordered at TCD is NON-REFUNDABLE.

If your choices are not available, you may be issued a standard plate and a refund of the annual license fee will be processed for you, or you may wish to list on another application form, in order of preference four more choices.

Additional information necessary for processing application
Email Address
Home Phone
Work Phone
Vehicle Make
Current Plate No.
Is there anything you would like to add?

The Initial Personalised License Plate Fee is $115.88, i.e. $40.17 for the plate production fee, plus $75.71 for the annual license fee.

N.B. Licenses for Personalised License Plates are renewable on the vehicle owner’s birthday.

Make all cheques payable to: THE ACCOUNTANT GENERAL
FOR ASSISTANCE CALL (441) 292-1271
Personalised Plate Information  

A. An application for Personalised License Plates must be accompanied by the applicant's current vehicle licence or a photocopy of that document. Please note that Personalised Plates are for private cars only.

B. Personalised Plates may contain a maximum of six characters. A space counts as a character. Dashes or any other type of symbols are not permitted.

C. All personalised plate requests shall be subject to the following restrictions:

    1. Letters only (a minimum of two).
    2. A combination of letters and number(s), amounting to NO more than 6 characters

No personalised plate will begin with LP, IN, HA, HB, HC, CS, FHL, SP, XT, LXT, CLC, CM, LD, SPCM, M, TT, LT, IT, HT, BT, FT, AT, T, GP, PWAB, BPBA, TR, and be directly followed by numbers.

D. Every attempt will be made to accommodate an applicant's request. The Minister of Transport, however, reserves the right to deny any application.

E. Applicants should take note of the following guidelines before submitting requests for Personalised Plates:

  • Personalised Plates must not appeal to any indecent sexual or obscene interpretation.

  • Personalised Plates must not be morally, ethically, racially, or in any other manner offensive to good taste.

  • Personalised Plates shall not have the identical or similar characters as any other personalised plate previously issued by the T.C.D.
  • The Minister of Transport reserves the right to recall Personalised Plates if they are determined to be unacceptable.