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The Department of Immigration was established by the Immigration Act 1937 and is charged with the duty of assisting the Minister of Home Affairs in the discharge of their responsibilities. The Department’s authority is derived from the Bermuda Immigration and Protection Act 1956 (together with its related policies, rules and regulations) which replaced the earlier Act. The Department also administers the British Nationality Act; the Accord between the Governments of Bermuda and Portugal; and the Diplomatic Service Procedures.

Under the direction of the Chief Immigration Officer, Dr. Danette Ming, the Department is comprised of 44 employees who have been assigned to 3 core operations divisions, which include the Corporate Services Division, the Personal Services Division, and the Compliance Division, together with the Finance & Administration Division and Policy & Planning Division.


This Section is responsible for processing the wide range of work permits (including related landing permits) and Good Corporate Citizen applications.  The Corporate Services Manager, Industry Relationship Officers and Customer Service Representatives liaise directly with employers and work in conjunction with the Board of Immigration to make recommendations for each application.


This Section liaises directly with the individual customer. The Customer Service Representatives in our reception area are available to answer all individual enquiries.  The Personal Services Manager and Client Services Officers are responsible for the following areas: travel documents; the acquisition of Bermudian Status; Naturalisation as a British Overseas Territories Citizen; Permanent Resident’s applications; issuance of related certificates; licenses to purchase land; permission to reside; permission to seek employment; permission to attend school; letters for spouses of Bermudians; landing permits; and airline ticket validations.


This Section is overseen by a Compliance Manager who, together with his Officers, is responsible for the inspection and investigation of potential breaches of Immigration law, regulations and policy.  They conduct compliance audits; enforce work permit conditions/restrictions; and maintain control over Bermuda’s border.

Know of someone who may be contravening Bermuda's Immigration Laws? If you know of someone who may be committing immigration offences (e.g. by being in Bermuda unlawfully or working illegally), you can send us information via our on-line hotline tips. To enable us to act, please help us by entering as many fields as possible on the Tips page. Obtaining as much information as possible will allow Immigration Inspectors to successfully investigate and apprehend the perpetrator. We treat all Hotline tips as confidential. You can choose to input your contact details or leave that section blank. However we cannot inform you as to what action has been taken unless you provide your contact details. If you choose to provide your details, we can assure you that we will not disclose any information about your involvement.

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