Conditions of Camping


Dear Camper:


In order to help you enjoy your pioneer camping experience and protect your parks for you and future generations, we have prepared these conditions for camping.  Please keep in mind that these are designed to allow you to enjoy your camping experience while at the same time respecting the rights of other park users.


Ø       Camping is limited to residents of Bermuda.


Ø       Cruise ship workers and visitors to Bermuda are permitted to camp ONLY if they are registered and staying in a guest accommodation, on a cruise ship or at a private residence.


Ø       The official camping season is from the first Saturday in May to the third Sunday in September.


Ø       The camping fee is $12.00 per night per site.


Ø       A deposit of $100.00 is required when booking a camping permit and will be refunded after the camping season is finished by the Accountant General Department.


Ø       Camping is paid for by the night.  Checkout time 4:00 p.m. of the departure.


Ø       Only proper tents are to be pitched.  Three tents are allowed per site, neither tent to exceed 12ft.  X 15ft. or 180 sq. ft. including awning.


Ø       No wood open fires are permitted.  Charcoal, propane or liquid fuel stoves are acceptable within a suitable metal container.  Ashes from barbecues should be soaked with salt water and disposed of in waste barrels.


Ø       Cooking in tents is prohibited.


Ø       Campsites are available on a first come, first serve basis.


Ø       Eight people per site maximum.


Ø       The maximum stay in each campground is 6 weeks.  When the maximum stay has been reached, all tents and equipment must be removed from the campground. The site must be vacant for 48 hours.


Ø       One written warning of 24 hours will be given for tents left on site after the expiration of a permit.  Should the tent not be removed as per the written notice, Park Rangers will confiscate the tent and equipment.


Ø       Garbage bags are provided for each site.  Please bag you garbage and dump it in the nearest trash bin.  Additional bags can be obtained from Park Rangers on patrol.


Ø       Under no circumstances may branches or trees be cut down or the ground excavated.


Ø       It is the responsibility of the camping permit holder to ensure that garbage which accumulates around the campsite is placed in the dumpster or trash barrels in the campground.


Ø       The person who signs the camping permit is responsible for ensuring that all campers in their group follow all Regulations that pertain to parks.  Copies of the current Regulations are available from a Park Ranger.


Ø       Generators are not permitted in any Ministry of the Environment, Department of Parks, campgrounds.


Ø       Please keep your campsite clean.  All vacated campsites are checked by Park Rangers.  If a site is not left free of litter, the campers responsible may be denied camping privileges in the future and the deposit not refunded.


Ø       DOGS are not permitted at your campsite.


Ø       Noise must be kept to a minimum on your campsite.


Ø       Any tent or equipment confiscated and not collected within 30 days, will be considered abandoned by the Department of Parks. The tent or equipment will become the possession of the Department and will be disposed of.


Ø       A camping permit holder must pay $100.00 to the Department of Parks          (cheques made payable to the Accountant General) before a confiscated tent or equipment is returned.


Ø       If any of the above terms and conditions are not adhered to, the Department of Parks reserves the right to have the applicant FORFEIT the $100 deposit.


Ø       The Department of Parks reserves the right to revoke and terminate any camping permit if the above terms and conditions or the Regulations are not adhered to.


Ø       For information or to report any problems please contact the Park Ranger Office at 236-5902 or 239-2355 or fax 236-3711.


Ø       Official Campgrounds: Higgs and Horseshoe Islands, Ferry Point Park, and Chaplin Bay. Coney Island is closed until further notice.


Created: 07/30/2008 Modified: 08/06/2008